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. VTC Racks I 1 U 19 inch .

VTC 19 inch 1U racks

Rack-mount solution for Danner A1 /B1 size modules like the following: 

W95, W395, W695, Ispf 2000, W696, W690, V676b-d

TEV, PEV, PE, OEV, OEduo, W491, W492, W495b PV76, PMV70, V476, W444

MKI-MK4, BKE1-4,U311

NTP/EMT:179-120,179-160,182-150 Ntp plasma meters, EMT256,257,258, 261

Eckmiller, WSW, RTW  etc...

Prices start  @ 248,- EUR  (excl.VAT)

Vtc racks are our solution to mount Danner A1/B1 size modules in a 19 inch 1U frame. Manufactored in Germany, made out of 2/4mm aluminium, black anodized, high precision CNC cutted.  The racks come complete prewired. We use Canon type XLR jacks (Neutrik on request). The racks are available with 2 or 4 in-/outputs.  The external  power supply will be connected via XLR 4 pin jack, a second 4 pin xlr output alows the power linking of several racks. (The quantity of linked racks depends on the psu you choose).  Phantom power is available as option.  Prices depend on the rack configuration. Please ask for an individual offer.