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What ever   you think about replicas in terms of innovative new designs, if you know and love old Neumann vintage mics, you will be deeply impressed if you compare new manufactored FLEA replicas with an original. FLEA constructor head Milos,  put all his love and passion into an exact  and detailed reproduction of each single mic part.  This way  FLEA mic-parts can be used as replacement parts for orginal Neumann/Akg mics as well. FLEA brings back the sound of the most sought after vintage mic's for a reasonable price. Thank you Milos !     


This mic is an exact replica of the U47. It is equipped with F7 capsule – an exact replica of M7 capsule, our replica of Haufes BV08 transformer and TELEFUNKEN EF14, UF14 or VF14 tubes.
The body is aluminium  nickel plated  . The grille can be made in two versions: glossy chrome or matt nickel. The whole set comprises the mic in wooden box, cable, shockmount and power supply.

price: 3580,- EUR  (excl.VAT)


FLEA's replica of the classic M49 microphon. The FLEA 49 is fitted with a F7 capsule (M7 replica). Another important part is the BV11 transformer, which is an exact replica of transformers used in M49 mics. The last important part of the electronical system of the microphone is its tube, triode, carefully selected for noise reduction. This mic is fantastic not only for female vocals. The sound is soft and pleasant. The set includes microphone in wooden box, PSU, cable. A yoke mount is optional available.

price: 3980,- EUR  (excl.VAT) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The classic M50 microphones became famous for classical recordings in the 1950's. The Decca tree recording technique based on a trio of M50's. The FLEA 50 is the replica of the early M50's with gold sputterd capsule. The set includes microphone, wooden microphone box, PSU, cable.  Yoke mounts are available

price: 4200,- EUR  (excl.VAT) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This mic is an exact replica of the classic C12. As standard, it is equipped with an FK12 capsule which is Fleas own  replica of the CK12 capsule. The tube is GE 6072 in five-star version which generates minimum noise. These tubes were produced especially for military purposes and were used also in the original C12s. The transformer is Fleas own replica of the original  . Considering the sound, it is simply “Rolls-Royce”. In some applications this mic is pretending seriously, but its benefits will stand out during mixdown. 
It’s fantastic for vocals, acoustic instruments as well as ambient miking. The full set contains microphone in wooden box, PSU, cables with swivel mount.

price: 4280,- EUR  (excl.VAT) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________