About Vintagecity

Since 1997, Vintagecity founder Matthias Flache has put his focus on German broadcast recording equipment from the postwar era until about 1990'.
Keeping 20-50 year old recording equipment in a good working order is very labor intense, so besides the trade with studio equipment his main time goes into service, repairs, modifications and racking of broadcast modules.

During the past decades, this high-quality recording technology led a very inconspicuous life behind big walls of public broadcast stations, opera houses and universities. Developer and engineers used only highest quality parts for its design and construction which made this technology simply unaffordable for commercial music studios or private producers.

During the conversion into digital Recording equipment in the 1990's a major part of large studio installations were scrapped - meanwhile only a few complete recording installations from this area are in operation.

In the last decade young musicians and music producers discovered the high quality, the stability of value and outstanding sound of this equipment, not least due to the free information and availability via Internet. Brands like Telefunken/ANT, TAB, Siemens, Neumann, EMT, Schoeps, Klein u. Hummel etc. have reached cult character.

Mercury Recording Equipment and Flea Microphones are companies who try to keep the "Vibe" of classic equipment like TAB V72,V76 or Neumann U47 m49 alive. They offer hand build replicas which match the originals in terms of quality and value.

Vintagecity owns a huge collection of service documents as well as various broadcast modules and microphones from different manufactures for comparison and repair purposes. Thus we are able to provide service for a variety of modules so far spare parts are available.